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Your Qualitree Service starts with a free visit from an experienced Tree Surgeon.  Meet at a convenient time to discuss your needs. 


Whether you're moving house and need a mortgage survey or you're looking to build on a new plot (BS5837:2012) we can help.


If you're in a conservation area or have a tree with a preservation order we can manage the application process; free of charge.


We use specialist techniques such as rigging and sectional dismantling to ensure damage limitation on the ground.  We are also experienced in crane use for particularly large trees.


Pruning is the general term for any cutting of a tree or shrub above ground level.  You may hear terms such as crown reduction, thinning, lifting, pollarding and deadwooding. 


Stump grinding takes out a tree or shrub to below ground level; allowing for replanting. We have a large tracked grinder and smaller pedestrian grinder available.


We are equipped to manage both small domestic hedges as well as very large.  A large proportion of our hedge work is repeat year after year.


As standard we will remove all wood and organic debris after every job.  We have great feedback from customers' about leaving site clear and tidy.


We can help advise on a good species for the type of soil and landscape when providing planting services.  Our price includes the cost of the stake and cable tie.


We season and reuse hardwood for logs.  Our pricing is very reasonable and delivery is absolutely free if you're local.


Tree surgery by-product like chippings are reused by a local fruit farm for bedding. 


We are a KCC approved contractor with lots of experience carrying out street and school works.